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The monitoring of substation equipment and environment is a safety challenge that must be addressed. Personnel at a centralized control center need the capability to monitor the status of remote substation equipment and environment. The Substation Video Monitoring System is one solution to safely managing remote operations. The system can monitor substation and power plant systems seamlessly.

> Multi-Display Real-time Monitoring

Real-time video monitoring of up to 16 views can be displayed on a single screen.

> Remote Operation Display

The display automatically switches to the location of the equipment when simulation or remote action has been initiated.

> Alarm Display

极速时时彩官网The display automatically switches to the location of the event when an alarm is triggered.

> Field Inspection

Field inspection allows remote inspection of equipment at a substation. On-site inspection workload is reduced.

> Video Review

极速时时彩官网Video is automatically recorded during an operation or alarm event allowing for easy retrieval and review.

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